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Pricing Policy

Dear Visitor,

If you made a quick calculation I am sure you noticed that slightly lower prices apply to Hungarian clients. You may disagree saying it is a discrimination against foreigners and I fully accept your initial indignation. In order to ease your anger on the differences let me share some background information which I hope will help you understand my pricing model.

Why would you want to pay slightly higher
for a workout in Budapest held in English? 

The reason is not because I wish to make a fortune. If I did, my prices would be quite different.


1. Firstly because I speak English on an advanced level and I am capable to communicate with you in details so that you can use my service on a full scale. I not only give you instructions throughout the workouts but I am happy to go into conversations about traveling, world news, religion, parenthood, everyday life or whatever keeps you engaged.

2. Secondly finding a Hungarian personal trainer who can train you in another language (including anatomy and gym lingos) is like finding the needle in a haystack.  This asset makes us rare, and what is rare, has a higher value.

3. Mindset. I lived, studied and worked in the UK, AU and Thailand. I possess a respectful attitude towards everyone regardless of age, gender, race which probably just a handful of coaches have here. Also I am way beyond customer-focused. A coach with a decent English and the approach how to serve foreign clients not always go hand in hand.

4. Yet you might need to pay a little higher for the qualities and the skillset mentioned above my prices are still considered to be modest compared to others. My prices were positioned and set after a thorough research on the competitors and still makes me a good value for money. This applies to all English speaking trainers in My Team.


5. And as a last point: Please feel free to read all unbiased Google and Facebook reviews by my foreign clients. They are more powerful than this whole page.

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